Liquid Chemical Blending

Quadb Chemical Blending Services

Situated in the heart of middle Tennessee, Quadb is your trusted partner for contract chemical blending services. We service companies all over the United States and all of the products we partner on are made in the USA. As a family owned company, we have an unwavering commitment to industry excellence in the custom contract chemical blending, filling, packaging, and shipping field.

Precision Starts in the Lab

Before a single product reaches production, we bench test our lab for quality control to guarantee the seamless integration of raw materials. Concurrent with our bench testing, we uphold stringent quality control measures. We ensure every lab sample aligns with the quality specifications our clients entrust us with.

Cold Liquid Chemical Blending

Our advanced toll blending services ensure that the end products are meticulously tailored to the highest standards of consistency and quality. We specialize in cold blending, adding all ingredients by precise weight measurements. We practice strict formula confidentiality to keep precise formulations and specified ratios private.

Retained Samples

Prior to unloading, we take retained samples which undergo rigorous quality control checks against customer specifications. Every result is diligently marked on the batch ticket, with samples retained for future reference.

Our Capabilities At a Glance

Batch Sizes: Ranging from 15 gallons to a substantial 330 gallons.
Varied Viscosity: We handle a broad spectrum of viscosity levels, ensuring optimal consistency.
Cutting-edge Equipment: Our facility includes variable-speed, air, and electric mixers tailored to various blending needs.

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