The New Year is such an exciting time. It is a time of reflection on years past and helps us look forward to new goals ahead. This is a great time to plan what projects you intend to do throughout the rest of 2024. Now is the time for our clients to plan product releases and start formulating new creations. 


Planning for the year is critical to timing your product releases well. Some brands even have products planned for years in advance to get their formulas just right. If you have yet to consider what products you intend to release in 2024, consider popular products within your field and put your spin on them. Or, if you see a hole in the market for a product that consumers want but is not on the market currently, devise a plan for creating it. The planning phase is a great time to look into relevant market research so you can make informed decisions about what products to release and when.


The formula for your products is essential and crucial to making your product ideas come to life. If you are working with a team, tell them what attributes you want your product to have so they know which ingredients you prefer. If you are formulating the product yourself, document everything so the professionals who blend your products can get the consistency right. You may have to go through a few formulas to get a product just right, but once you do, it will be worth the extra time!

Blending, Filling, Packaging, and Shipping

If you are a small to medium-sized business, you may need to employ a custom contract chemical blending, filling, packaging, and shipping company. That is where Quadb comes in. We specialize in cold liquid chemical blending of non-flammable materials. Once we have your product formula, we will blend it, fill your desired packaging, and ship the product where it needs to go. 

If you have questions about Quadb’s services, please get in touch with one of our representatives at (615) 382-7396.