As the holidays approach, you may have several different special edition products in mind. You may have even been thinking about the possibilities for months. In fact, you may think it’s too late to get started before the holidays arrive this year. The problem is that you can’t find a toll blending service that will help with an order as small as yours.

The Holiday Products

This is the time of year when consumers start looking for limited edition, holiday-themed products. Even cleaning products find their way into stockings. Hand creams, lotions, cosmetics, home care products, and even cleansing wipes all see higher sales during this time of year. And car care products always make Dad happy, right?

It’s the perfect time to focus on creating something a little special for your buyers, but how can you focus only on the holidays when your output will be too low for a chemical blending company to work with you?

Toll Blending Without Minimums

Smaller companies love Quad B, because we have no minimums on our productions. If you want one single bottle of lotion, then we’ll help you blend it. What you probably need is enough for a small selection of your buyers to get exactly what they’re looking for before the holidays come to a close.

If you have your formula ready, come see us right away. We’ll get your new product into production with plenty of time to spare before the holidays. And don’t worry if you need to tweak it a little before it’s ready to go. You can test away with us. We’ll save the formula as soon as you have it just right.

Packaging and Shipping Comes Too

We’re all about helping you save time before the holidays get here. Don’t worry about creating new labels and rushing them to us for application. We can help you design them and brand your products right here in house. After production, we’ll label all the bottles and tubes so they’re ready for use.

Our location in Nashville puts us next to several different interstates and highways. Once your products are ready to go, we can have them to you within a matter of days. Now you can see how getting your holiday-themed products out in time for Christmas is a reality, can’t you?

If you’re determined to release limited-edition products this year, reach out right away. We’ll need to get started as soon as possible so your customers can get their hands on your specialty items!