With each passing year, regulatory agencies such as OSHA provide new guidelines and clarify current standards. It’s important as a chemical blending company to make sure we’re always on top of the latest in safety standards, since we’re your chemical blending partner. You rely on Quad B Blending to make sure all rules and regulations for safety are met with each and every product we provide for you. That’s why we’re always watching the latest rules as they unfold. Here’s what you might expect to see in 2016.

Personal Injury Updates

While they’re still in the final rule phase and haven’t yet been passed, these regulations are in the works to protect workers in an industrial environment. These regulations focus on fall protection systems and the requirements of companies to employ them. Non-slip surfaces and eye and face protection are also serious concerns for rulemakers. We may see several updates to current regulations in the coming months.

Injury and Illness Tracking

The days of sweeping injuries and illnesses under the rug have long since passed, but new regulations will make sure employers continue to report and track any workplace medical emergencies. New procedures will provide more protection against employer retaliation.

Exposure to Harmful Substances

Though not yet written into regulation, standards that focus on exposure to harmful substances are high on the list for passing before the end of 2016. The most talked-about substance is crystalline silica, but exposure to beryllium is also a concern. Expect to see some movement toward making laws before the end of the Obama administration.

Lack of Movement

While many of these concerns are at the forefront of OSHA’s concerns, there is a firm belief that new regulations will be slow to form during an election year. Many election years see regulatory agencies slow in order to avoid creating complications for current and incoming administrations.

Keep an eye on these forthcoming regulations, however. You want to be sure you’re always using the safest methods, of course, but you also should ensure that you’re following all federal guidelines. Keep in mind, too, that if you choose to partner with Quad B Blending, you never need to worry about OSHA guidelines. We take care of that for you.