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Chemical blending, filling and packaging, in the USA

Various Bottles of Chemicals
Quadb Blending


Cold liquid chemical blending from 15 to 300 gallon batches from a variety of viscosity levels in variable-speed, air and electric mixers.

Quadb Blending


We provide filling options such as gravity, pressure/pump and piston filling for a variety of viscosities. From 1 to 5 gallon containers.

Quadb Blending


If you need specific chemical packaging after filling in bulk or cases, we fulfill your needs. Special request are welcome.

Quadb Blending


Centrally located and near major interstates—40, 24 and 65—we provide professional shipping with excellent discounts.


Quadb provides professional cold liquid chemical filling, blending, packaging and shipping services to clients throughout the USA. As a family-owned business, we understand our clients’ need for personal customer service and adherence to the highest industry standards. For over 20 years, we’ve developed long-lasting business relationships with large and small clients that have come to depend on our convenient turnaround and consistent services.

Chemical Filling


Our multi-level Quality Program is important to the success of our customer relationships. Quadb’s Quality Standards and experienced personnel serve as a Quality-Support Team to ensure the highest standard of quality to each customer partner.  Our goal is product integrity without compromise.  With thorough product quality control, you can be assured your order will ship to your specifications consistently from batch to batch.


With our effective processes and experienced production team, we can offer a wide range of economic contract packaging solutions. Utilizing a variety of filling methods and equipment to support your organization’s requirements, Quadb is capable of filling a wide range of liquids (water thin to extremely viscous) in a variety of sizes from 1.0 ounces to 300 gallon totes. We blend, repackage and fill acids, alkaline, oils, foamy, and jells. We do not blend or package flammable materials. We are able to adjust to your specific needs – from traditional filling and packaging to custom-developed solutions.


Our services include liquid blending, filling 1oz containers to totes, labelling and packaging, shipping (drop shipping is available), and some ancillary services including MSDS development and invoicing. Formulary and production confidentiality is key. If you have a formula and no production, contact us.


If your company needs an experienced, skillful and expert chemical filling and blending partner, please send us your RFP. Our team of customer service professionals will ask the right question and provide clear and precise project cost estimates. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working for you.

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